George A. Papandreou (born June 16, 1952) is Former Prime Minister of Greece, current President of Socialist International, a Member of the Hellenic Parliament and former President of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK). He served as the 11th Prime Minister of Greece from October 6, 2009 - November 11, 2011, after PASOK’s victory in the October 2009 national elections.

George A. Papandreou

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Tribute from the President of the Socialist International, George A. Papandreou to Tony Benn

Message, President of Socialist International, Press Office

Tony Benn, a landmark figure of the British Labour Party was a politician with the ability to mobilize public opinion, regardless of whether one agreed or disagreed with his views. He passionately served values and principles rather than public offices. He believed society can be changed through the active involvement of citizens- not only by […]

Tony Benn: “It’s questionable whether we have a democracy”

Message, President of Socialist International

  Tony Benn, an excellent orator, a great statesman, passed away today. Tony Benn’s bio as published in Wikipedia Anthony Neil Wedgwood “Tony” Benn, PC (3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014), formerly 2nd Viscount Stansgate, was a British Labour Party politician who was a Member of Parliament (MP) for 50 years and a Cabinet […]

George Papandreou’s interview in “Indian Express”

Former Prime Minister, Interview, President of Socialist International, Press Office

George Papandreou, a third-generation scion of Greece’s foremost political family, entered the global spotlight with his efforts to turnaround his country’s economy during the height of the European debt crisis. Upon becoming Prime Minister in 2009, Papandreou’s government inherited a deficit that was much larger than was reported. As PM, he tried implementing some key […]

Statement by George Papandreou on the latest developments on Cyprus issue.

President of Socialist International, Press Office, Statement

The agreement between the President  of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades  and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu on a  Joint Statement is opening the way for renewed negotiations and provides a solid basis for a constructive dialogue that can lead  to a functional and viable resolution of the Cyprus problem as soon as […]

George Papandreou met with Rahul Gandhi

Announcement, President of Socialist International, Press Office

On his visit to New Delhi the President of the Socialist International and former Prime Minister of Greece George A. Papandreou met with the Vice President  of the Indian National Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi who will lead the Congress Campaign in 2014. During the meeting they discussed latest developments in India , Europe and Greece. […]

George Papandreou in support of women’s rights in Morocco

Message, President of Socialist International, Press Office

George Papandreou, President of the Socialist International sent a message of support to the First Secretary of USFP , SI member party in Morocco,  for his struggle for women rights. Few weeks ago ,  during the Congress of the women of USFP , Driss Lachguar adopted a number of  important proposals in favor of women […]

Inequality is putting democracy at risk

Article, President of Socialist International, Press Office

There has been no shortage of commentary on the risks in the global economy and the imbalances, institutional deficiencies and under-regulation that sent the global economy into a tailspin just five years back. But my experience as Prime Minister when Greece was in the eye of the storm has led me to believe that, although […]

Democracy in Europe: Looking Toward the European Elections

President of Socialist International, Press Office, Speech

Speech by George Papandreou delivered at Science Po (Paris) Thank you Sean, thank you all for being here this evening. It is an honour for me to be here at Sciences Po this semester. There is no better opportunity to be studying politics than during a crisis. Only a few days ago I was in […]