George A. Papandreou (born June 16, 1952) is Former Prime Minister of Greece, current President of Socialist International, a Member of the Hellenic Parliament and former President of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK). He served as the 11th Prime Minister of Greece from October 6, 2009 - November 11, 2011, after PASOK’s victory in the October 2009 national elections.

George A. Papandreou

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Interview on BBC’s show “Rendezvous”

Former Prime Minister, Interview, PASOK, President of Socialist International, Press Office

Interview on BBC’s show “Rendezvous” by Zeinab Badawi Zeinab Badawi (BBC) George A. Papandreou (President of PASOK, President of S.I. – former Prime Minister) Mary Robinson (Former President of Ireland) Jan Eliasson (Deputy United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon) Zeinab Badawi: Hello and a warm welcome to Rendezvous with me, Zeina Badawi. In this week’s […]

Interview on Al Jazeera

Former Prime Minister, Interview, PASOK, President of Socialist International, Press Office

Interview of George A. Papandreou President of PASOK by Sir David Frost (Frost Over the World) on Al Jazeera Transcript David Frost: But we begin with Greece. This week, the European Central Bank agreed to lend the European banks EUR 529 billion. However, it said it would no longer accept Greece’s bonds as collateral for […]

Greece will not exit euro

Former Prime Minister, Interview, PASOK, Press Office

Interview on BBC’S HARDtalk with Zeinab Badawi Fmr Greek PM George Papandreou: ‘Greece will not exit euro’ Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has said Greece would not default nor exit the euro after agreeing to 130bn euro bailout.Mr Papandreou resigned in November, stepping aside for a government of national unity. Speaking exclusively to Zeinab […]

Interview at “Profil”

Former Prime Minister, Interview, PASOK, Press Office

Interview to the Austrian magazine “Profil” (Interview in German) Giorgos Papandreou: „Ich habe dem Sturm ins Auge geblickt“ Mensch des Jahres: Der gefallene griechische Ministerpräsident war im vergangenen Jahr die zentrale Person der Eurokrise Der profil-„Mensch des Jahres 2011“ ist eine tragische Figur: Giorgos Papandreou, gefallener Ministerpräsident Griechenlands und eine der zentralen Personen der Eurokrise, […]

Interview on Democracy Now

Former Prime Minister, Interview, PASOK, President of Socialist International, Press Office

Interview to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now Amy Goodman: Can you talk about the status of democracy now in Greece, the cradle of democracy? George A. Papandreou: Well, I believe that we have a democratic challenge around the world right now, because we have a globalizing economy, but our institutions are national. Our democratic institutions […]

Interview on Bloomberg

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Interview to Matthew Winkler on Bloomberg Matthew Winkler Talks to George Papandreou The Greek Prime Minister tells Bloomberg News’s editor-in-chief about the future of the euro, his relationship with his opponent, and his top priorities for 2012 Matthew Winkler: Why is it so important for Greece to share the euro, and why do you think […]

Progressive Governance Conference

Interview, Press Office, Prime Minister

Press at the end of the work of the Progressive Governance Conference in Oslo Policy Network – Progressive Governance Conference on “The Agenda following the crisis for the center-left” 3rd Plenary Session on “Future jobs and growth: how can the center-left governments to make a difference?” Prime Minister, George Papandreou, in response to a journalist’s […]

Drapieżcy i ofiary

Interview, Press Office, Prime Minister

Jacek Żakowski Rozmowa Żakowskiego z premierem Grecji Drapieżcy i ofiary Premier Grecji Jeorios Papandreu o kryzysie, o słabych państwach i wszechwładnych rynkach finansowych oraz o polskiej prezydencji w Unii Europejskiej Jacek Żakowski: Witam w kraju. Jeorios Papandreu: Zawsze pamiętam o moich polskich korzeniach. Jacek Żakowski: To miłe. Jeorios Papandreu: A dziś z Bronisławem Komorowskim odkryliśmy, […]

Joint Press Conference Papandreou – Rasmussen

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Joint Press Conference of Greek Prime Minister and President of PASOK George Papandreou, and President of the European Socialists Party Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, at the PES Leaders’ Conference George Petalotis: Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. We have the honour of hosting in Greece the meeting of the leaders of European Socialists, which as usual is […]

Interview on “The Huffington Post”

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Steven Hill Political writer and columnist My Interview With Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou… From the Top of the Acropolis My interview with Prime Minister Papandreou. The next day I interviewed Prime Minister Papandreou. Prime ministers are generally pretty busy people, especially when you are the prime minister of a country in the middle of […]