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Address at the meeting of the Political Council


“Let me welcome you. Mayor we thank for your address and the nice words. Sure the PASOK is ready, and it has a plan in order to promote changes in the country, and to face New Democracy, that came along with the sole plan of the “power for the power”. For this purpose we are these two days, here, in Lavrion, in order to we particularize our planning, our initiatives, and the frame of our actions.

… New prospect for the workers, for the population of the region, citizens of the region, advancing the level of education, the level of knowledge. We as PASOK we consider that, this is the course for the growth and the competitiveness. It is not the reduction of wage, it is not the investment in the poverty, it is not the investment in the unemployment. It is the investment in the person, investment in the knowledge, investment in the specialization, as we see and here in Lavrion with this successful effort This is a combination that I believe in and we should promote it, and for this we are here, near to the persons of production and creation.

… We have as aim, and I have said this from the moment when I undertook the leadership of this Movement, to bring back the love for politics, the real sense in the citizen and particularly in the new person, that he can influence, he can change, he can participate and change this country. Bring the reliability in the political life, something that I believe it is a very deeply democratic demand of the citizen.

Exceed bureaucratic, cliental and statistic perceptions in the politics, something that this moment we see with the peak of proceeding of N.D, through a reasoning that says, “we want to impose”. We do not “want to impose ourselves”, we do not want to share loot of power, we do not want to exclude the majority of Greek population.

We want to release creative forces. This is the PASOK. We want to support healthy forces of our country, productive forces, and creative forces. We want to strike the significance of transaction in the policy of corruptness, “power for the power”, that kills the value, that kills the meritocracy, breaks down finally what the more precious we have in our country, that is the human capital, that is the intellectual capital of our country.

We want to compose and to elect the value and the meritocracy, to elect what better the country has, so that we arise globally the country, globally Greece, globally the level of our country through development, but also with solidarity to feeblest, with cohesion, with social cohesion and social justice.

… I want closing to say that, in the PASOK, there exist choices, there exist political choices, there exist different choices, because is also this fable which is cultivated by the conservative party, that “do not exist, other choices” that ” you would make all the same”.

No, we would not do the same. We would act a lot otherwise. We have proved that, the PASOK can when it places objectives to achieve them, and can be possible that the country when it places objectives to successfully implement them. There exist choices. We are not fatalists. This is our big difference.

When we said to reach the growth in the 5% of – 5,5% of GNP, many said, that, will not reach there. And however we reached that. When we said that, we might put our country in the Euro-zone, we did accomplish that. When we said that we will drive big public works, we did accomplish that. As here, in Lavrion we accomplished what we drew in smaller scale. It is an important infrastructure, social, health, education, in all the country.

… The decentralization for us, is our basic ideological stain. The radical decentralization will constitute also the beginning of new quality of services to Greek citizen, in the field of education, in the filed of health, in the filed of Social Security, in the filed of local growth, local identity, for the growth that should combine the lot of advantages and virtues that has our country.

Develop all local forces. Elect what better the country has for the filed of Local Self-government, in order that we really can support the big reform that will come when the PASOK becomes government, and it will become in the next elections.

Our drive will be successful, and this is the course we will discuss these two days. I simply want to give the stain of our discussions. We know where we go. We know where our country, Greece, should drive to.

A fair society, a democratic society with constant growth and with the essential specialization, with the epicentre of our attention in the person, the humanism. With our tools the democracy, the democratic consultation, the education, the investment in the human capital, the aid of research, and the big administrative reform that we want to begin through himself the Self-government.

And, of course, a viable growth, that will develop the big wealth of our environment, our tradition, our culture, shaping alternative forms of growth for the country. A growth with the population partaker, with the population leader and with a powerful voice. Powerful voice in the local and regional questions, in the questions that concern him, but also apowerful voice of Greece worldwide, something that, unfortunately, has been lost on the days of New Democracy…»