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Statement by the President of Socialist International, George Papandreou

As ISIS forces are trying to gain control of the Syrian town of Kobani, near the turkish border, I wish to make an appeal to the international community for concerted action aiming to prevent a humanitarian tragedy and contain the risk of further destabilization of the broader region.

In a statement adopted in New York, the 25th of September, by the Presidium of the Socialist International concerning developments in Iraq and Syria, we underlined that humanity must take a stand against totalitarian ideologies aiming to legitimize senseless acts of violence, like those committed by ISIS. We supported also the need for action in defense of fundamental values and human rights threatened by ISIS terrorism.

Urgently, there is a need to make every possible effort for efficiently protecting innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria, in parallel with political initiatives that could strengthen stability at regional level. Borders should facilitate the crossing of those at risk and at the same time prevent the movement of extremists. Also, as winter is approaching, it is vital to send adequate assistance to refugees and displaced persons .

In the mid term, it’s crucial for moderate forces in the broader region, to promote large scale development programs. Increasing equality of opportunities to education is the only way for addressing the causes that enable extremist ideologies to gain ground.