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Austerity and Euroscepticism towards the European Elections: Who will define Europe’s future?

While fiscal responsibility is a national necessity, the logic of extreme austerity in Europe – especially in the South – has fueled strong anti-European spirit across a large segment of the European population. The measures taken to overcome the crisis seem not to work in favor of European integration. On the contrary, the crisis has given rise to extremist voices and dangerous stereotypes which, in turn, have created rifts between the peoples of Europe. Looking towards the 2014 European elections, the risk of having a European Parliament with a significant number of anti-European members is clearly visible.

  1. Is growing Euroscepticism a logical and helpful response to the crisis, or an impediment towards solving it?
  2. Should the EU take measures to replenish pro-European sentiment? And if so, which?
  3. How can we inspire the feeling of belonging in common European family?


*photo by Harshil Shah [1].